Eader Photography | About
Born in Kirkland Washington, David is California raised and Alaska built. His interest in photography developed while he was in High School. Living in the remote town of Hollis Alaska inspired David’s imagination and he developed a keen interest in the possibilities of film. While still in High School he learned how to develop film and cultivated his love for black and white. In 1998 David graduated High School and spent the next few years jumping on and off fishing boats and Jr Colleges. David continued advance his techniques and his art.

In 2003 David decided to take photography seriously and enrolled in the Art Institute of Seattle. He further explored black and white photography with larger format films and cameras. With the advent of digital photography David quickly changed from 35mm to digital, he became even more creative. After graduating an Associates degree in Photography, David continued to live in Seattle. Over the past 5 years David has established himself as a local artist and photographer. His notoriety is primarily working with numerous band promotion, model ing portfolios, product marketing, marketing design and landscapes.

His creative genius is in his ability to portray his imagination in a way that allows others to connect with. Some would describe David’s work as being darkly mysterious, because of how he uses shadow and light. David’s unique humor is found throughout the body of his work. His photographs tell a story, they make people want to know what happens next. He is able to connect the viewer to a world that is new and diverse.

David continues to push the envelope both in his use of technology and in his creative vision of what can be.